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Birthdays, woodland creatures……….. Mulled wine poached pear, hazelnut and cinnamon cake with dark chocolate ganache

There are so many wonderful bakers out there making extravagant creations that I felt it was time for me to try my hand at one myself. For my father’s 70th birthday, I set to creating a cake that embodied all his favourite indulgences – red wine, dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate to create a Mulled wine poached pear, hazelnut and cinnamon cake with dark chocolate ganache. I poached the pears in red wine and cinnamon quills until they coloured a deep, rich red, then combined these with ground roast hazelnuts and cinnamon to form the cake. I layered the cake up with dark chocolate ganache and then decorated then cake with shards of dark chocolate studded with cranberries, crystallised ginger, roast pistachios and hazelnuts, Ferraro rochers, mulled wine poached pears, dried fruit, nuts and cinnamon quills. The cake looked almost like it came from the forest floor, expecting foxes and white tailed rabbits to leap from it. I will have to figure out how to do that next time….
Happy 70th birthday Dad, I count myself blessed to have you as a father.
Enjoy, savour and devour!
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  1. abigail wijesuriya
    abigail wijesuriya says:

    :O this cake would be the perfect sweet treat to our one year anniversary which falls on Christmas eve! 😛 Fingers crossed I get to share this with my partner! 😛 x

  2. Wendy Wilton
    Wendy Wilton says:

    I am so very impressed and excited about this. Please could you include, amongst your amazing and mouth watering recipes, some vegan recipes as I feel that I am heading that way. Wx


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