‘What is The Epicurean Architect?’

I have been asked this many times  – am I an Architect or a cook?  And yes, I am both.

As an Architect you develop a critical eye to everything you experience, whether it be touch, sound, feel, smell or taste.  You store all these experiences and bring them to your design, whether it be the shady lighting of a stair or the sounds of water falling through a walled courtyard.

In the same way, I have been storing experiences of food, pretty much since I was born (this would explain my obsession with dairy)!  I feel it is time to share these explorations, into food, design and life and most importantly hear what others are also feeling and living.   Please come and join my journey!

The Epicurean Architect started as a passion project into the exploration of food and spatial design.  How the presentation of food, through to the space it is served within, enhances and informs the food itself.  How the experience of taste is not just through the mouth but all the senses.   And this is heightened by the sharing and collaboration with others.

As my blog developed, I realised I needed to be giving others the opportunity to taste, as well as see, and read about my food and design.  The Epicurean Architect Gourmet Design Gift Hampers was born.

The Epicurean Architect Gourmet Design Gift Hampers combine fresh, handmade, gourmet food with exquisite design objects to create a premium gifting experience for New Zealanders.

I love food and design and love working with others who love food and design.  Please email me if you would like to collaborate on recipe development, photography, writing, reviews, sponsored posts, design projects or just to shoot the breeze on your latest food adventure.