Grown Up Parties

It was my lovely Father’s 70th birthday on Saturday night. He has lived life to the full, travelling, eating and drinking with friends and family. I was keen to make some of his favourite things for the party. He has a soft spot for a drop of good red wine, smelly cheese, winter fruits and the darkest of chocolate.

Hobnobbing, canapés and Taste of Auckland

Thank goodness the stars were aligned in our favour to move us back to Auckland, arriving just as spring loosens its grip on the country and all that is magnificent about this great city comes to life.

Bon voyage mes amis…….Rosemary and lemon melting moments

There has been a lot happening in our world over the last month. We have moved. Not just house but country!

Crackling Campfires, Roasted Treats, San Francisco-style….S’mores Galore.

After attempting and failing miserably to climb the epic hills which are the San Francisco urban landscape, we cowardly hailed and stowed ourselves on the first bus heading south to the famed Mission district.

Deus Cafe

As I was trundling down Parramatta Road this week in ever-increasing drizzle, I was greeted with a welcome beacon of hope.

Secretive yet soulful…..Café Paci, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Café Paci offers a depth of experience that rarely exists in Sydney eateries. Your senses are thrown awry as you step through the door to a bright, fluorescent-lit, narrow corridor, leading to a garish red and grey, block painted stair. I felt like I was being drawn into a communist-style interrogation room.

The New Sunday Roast…Sage and White Wine Pulled Pork with Crisp, Red Apple and Fennel

In our super-busy, modern lives we seldom get the chance to pause, fully savour and enjoy. We fly from one activity, event or meal to the next, thinking I will get the chance to relax and enjoy tonight, or tomorrow, or at Christmas.

Provencal Pork Sausages with Rosemary, White Wine, Grapes & Truffle Mash

I received an interesting message from a beautiful friend last week – what to do with 10kg of grapes? Well, make wine, of course, was my first thought.

Lavender Meringue with Violets, Turkish Delight & Blueberry Cream

Welcome my fellow foragers, Victoria here with my midweek musings. I woke this morning to an ephemeral mist settling over Sydney Harbour casting a violet hue to everything it touched. It put me in a blue mood – lets clarify – not a drag your feet on the floor, heave and sigh all the time mood, but just set indigo, violet and midnight on the mind.

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Figgy, Salted Caramel Tart With Cinnamon Yoghurt

I have a fig tree. A buxom, billowy fig tree. We have a tumultuous relationship as I do with all my green, leafy friends.