Spring is in the air……..Blueberry and lemon scones

As the sun is finally out and spoiling us with a hint of spring, we are going on a picnic.

Third time lucky…………..banana bread!

So I had a brilliant idea for toasted date and walnut, banana bread ice-cream sandwiches with cinnamon ice-cream and date caramel sauce.

Ooohh Mama………epic date and walnut, banana bread, ice cream sandwiches with home-made, cinnamon ice cream and date, caramel sauce

Decadent desserts have been a top priority of mine, pretty much since birth.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a hamper from the Epicurean Architect

I have been busily beavering away in the kitchen cooking up all my favourite Christmas treats to bring you The Epicurean Architect Hampers!

Escape to Byron Bay

I was fortunate to have a weekend away with beautiful girlfriends in Byron Bay over the last few days. Everyone raves about Byron, the food, the beaches, the hinterlands and the warm and kind people. Byron has a way of attracting all the best parts of Australia to one spot, like a mini microclimate of everything I love about Australia.

Birthdays, woodland creatures and Mulled wine poached pear, hazelnut and cinnamon cake with dark chocolate ganache

For my father’s 70th birthday, I set to creating a cake that embodied all his favourite indulgences – red wine, dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate to create a Mulled wine poached pear, hazelnut and cinnamon cake with dark chocolate ganache.

Bon voyage mes amis…….Rosemary and lemon melting moments

There has been a lot happening in our world over the last month. We have moved. Not just house but country!

Lavender Meringue with Violets, Turkish Delight & Blueberry Cream

Welcome my fellow foragers, Victoria here with my midweek musings. I woke this morning to an ephemeral mist settling over Sydney Harbour casting a violet hue to everything it touched. It put me in a blue mood – lets clarify – not a drag your feet on the floor, heave and sigh all the time mood, but just set indigo, violet and midnight on the mind.

Figgy, Salted Caramel Tart With Cinnamon Yoghurt

I have a fig tree. A buxom, billowy fig tree. We have a tumultuous relationship as I do with all my green, leafy friends.

Almond, Choc Walnut Banana Caramel Ice-cream

I am a huge fan of Messina Gelato. Yeah, yeah, who isn’t, move on, you say. Well I will explain why – its Messina’s complexity of flavours that lures me in every time.