What payment options do you have?

The online store is set up to take credit card payments over a secure, reputable network.  After selecting Add to Cart and entering your shipping details you will be prompted for your credit card details.  On completion of payment a receipt will be emailed to you.

All costs are in NZD and are inclusive of taxes.

Returns & Refunds – Terms & Conditions?

We take pride and care in making and delivering The Epicurean Architect products to you and want to know if you are in any way unhappy or feel gipped about what you receive.  In regard to food items, we are unable to accept returns but we will bend over backwards to make every customer happy and satisfied!  So let us know, please.

I have food allergies, can I order your products?

Absolutely!  From raising a toddler with anaphylaxis, I know all about the ostracisation of people with food allergies!

I list allergens on the ingredient labels on each food product.  If you have any queries prior to ordering please contact me.

I am formulating a gluten-free & dairy-free series of food items, so please keep watch.

You mention the food is made by hand, do you follow food hygiene and safety regulations?

Absolutely!  My kitchen is A Grade Certified by the Auckland Council and complies to stringent food safety standards.  I also hold a food safety certificate from Cordon Bleu Cooking School.

I don’t know how to cook, can I order your products?

Absolutely!  Each food product has a kraft label with a handwritten description of the food and a detailed label, on the back, itemising ingredients, allergens, best before dates, storage instructions, source of ingredients & contact details.  I have also included tips for the tastiest use of the food product and recipes, where appropriate.

Do you work with others?

I love food and design and love working with others who love food and design. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate on recipe development, photography, writing, reviews, sponsored posts, design projects or just to shoot the breeze on your latest food adventure.

What influences your food?

First and foremost, my Mother.  Some of my earliest memories are my Sister and I, elbow deep in chocolate dough or painstakingly cutting tiny morsels of homemade sausage rolls for a family picnic.   We lived in our family kitchen in New Zealand, day and night and it brought our family together. As I grew up I was influenced by the spectacular produce that NZ grows. So many NZ foods can be eaten raw as they hold such an abundance of flavour and health. You may have noticed I also have a strong Middle Eastern influence throughout my cooking.  This was from five phenomenally amazing years spent living in Dubai.  I made some close friends in that time – rosewater, pomegranate molasses and pistachios to name a few. Next I was in Sydney, Australia and influenced by the exceptionally innovative food that you get to experience every time you step out the door. The Sydney food scene makes you want to throw away your skinny jeans and buy a mumu! From Morton Bay Bugs to Gelato Messina and everything in between.  Now back home, I am re-embracing the delectable offerings we have in New Zealand – from the exceptional seafood to old favourites like feijoas, tamarillos and lavender.  

What influences your design?

I am a modernist through and through. Enough said.

Can I use your photos, recipes or blog posts on my site?

All the photos, recipes, posts and content on my site are copyrighted and require my permission to use please. I love sharing, so please share my posts with clear links back to theepicureanarchitect.com and credit me. If you are unsure, please contact me.

How can I regularly keep in touch with you?

I would love to catch up with you too! I can send you email updates of brilliant foodie and design inspiration so please leave your email at the bottom of this page. I also share all my new posts to the usual suspects – instagram, facebook, twitter, email newsletters.  If you want to chat, please contact me.