Almond, Choc Walnut Banana Caramel Ice-cream

Meal in a cone...

Almond nut butter, bitter dark chocolate and roasted walnut ice cream & banana, salted caramel and gingernut ice cream

I am a huge fan of Messina Gelato. Yeah, yeah, who isn't, move on, you say. Well I will explain why, its Messina's complexity of flavours that lures me in every time. Yes, they do a very good chocolate (Atlas, my three year old son, will attest) but once you try their cremino (amaretti biscuits, meringue and gianduia fudge), or lemon meringue pie (lemon curd, meringue and shortcrust pastry) you will have no choice, but to embrace a meal in a cone. Now we have all seen 'meals in a bar', jam-packed protein bars, and 'meals in a box', your breakfast smoothie drinks, but what about 'meals in a cone'?

Ice cream can be a complete meal- protein, fruit and vegetable and grains. 

Once ice cream becomes this balanced, nutritional extravaganza it is completely justified to consume it as your main meal, perhaps multiple times a day, rather than second fiddle to the main show. Now if Messina was on my doorstep I would be satisfied, but unfortunately, it is not.

Our supermarkets are sadly lacking in complex, awe-inspiring nirvana.

Cry no more.

The days of sitting at home in the evening faced with boring old supermarket vanilla or perhaps, hokey pokey can be a distant, dull memory.

Lets make our own ice cream and if we're going to bother, lets make it good! I decided to start with a classic, rich, creamy vanilla custard and experiment with two flavours- firstly, almond nut-butter, bitter dark chocolate and roasted walnut and secondly, banana, salted caramel and gingernut crunch. The almond, chocolate and walnut was densely packed with morsels and almost fudgy from the nut butter.

It stuck to my tongue in the best possible way and reminded me of really gooey chocolate chip cookie dough. The banana, salted caramel and gingernut was sweet and cleansing like a spring rain-shower over freshly-cut grass.

The gingernut gave a surprising little pop to each mouthful.

Meat and three veg can be a meal of the past.

I urge you - lets embrace the 'meal in a cone'! What are your favourite ice cream combos? Enjoy, savour and devour!

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