Crackling Campfires, Roasted Treats, San Francisco-style....S'mores Galore.

Crackling Campfires, Roasted Treats, San Francisco-style…..S’mores Galore

After attempting and failing miserably to climb the epic hills which are the San Francisco urban landscape, we cowardly hailed and stowed ourselves on the first bus heading south to the famed Mission district. We were expecting a cultural melting pot of diversity but were met by an area in rapid change. Taco stores abound but at the same time there is a new wave of cuisine.

Little startups testing their wares in the sea of San Francisco gastronomy. One particular favourite find was Dandelion, small batch chocolate. The store is housed in an industrial conversion and has retained the feel by exposing all their chocolate production to the public. It has the feel of Willy Wonka’s wonderland with large shining silver vats and tubes chasing around the ceiling. The walls are lined with varieties of chocolate from a multitude of origins. All with a slight variance of sweet, bitter or bite to suit even the most discerning, chocolate palate. More than just buying a bar, Dandelion serves a delightful array of desserts and hot drinks to quell your obsession for an hour at least.

Crackling Campfires, Roasted Treats, San Francisco-style…..S’mores Galore

The spiced and spicy mocha is sweet and bitter at once with a warm Christmassy feel and a sharp, chilli bite to the end. But what really stole my heart was the s’more tart. The handmade marshmallow is delicately soft and nestled against a crisp, gingery cookie. Bedded on the top of the freshly seared marshmallow is a soft, gooey chocolate caramel, salted to perfection. It is exquisite. Thank you San Francisco for treating us so well, farewell.

Enjoy, savour and devour!

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