The wellbeing and health of you and our staff is our top priority.

These are unprecedented times and we want to ensure to keep you safe, keep our staff well and continue to provide you with the support and business you have come to trust.

Supply chains have been disrupted and couriers are severely delayed so we really appreciate your patience in receiving your gifts.

As a purely online business, in a small commercial kitchen, with minimal staff we are able to maintain a very high level of sanitisation and isolation from the public.   

In addition to our already strict hygiene and cleaning standards for our A grade 100% compliant commercial kitchen license, we have increased our cleaning rotations, are practising frequent hand washing and are wearing masks and gloves for all food production, packing and filling of orders.  

Our staff has been minimised to core employees who have not travelled in over 3 months and are daily taking temperatures and monitoring for any symptoms.  We are encouraging work from home for any administrative tasks.

Our key area to exercise contamination control is once the gifts leave our premises and get delivered to you.  We have put in place these procedures to ensure your gifts arrive to you safely and ready for consumption. Our measures to minimise contamination in the shipping process are as follows:

All gifts are wrapped in protective layers and couriers uplift the gifts outside our premises maintaining more than 1.5m from our entry.  

On delivery of your gift the couriers have been advised to place it on the doorstep or other safe place keeping their distance from the recipient.  

Receipt signatures are now not available, but the courier will ask your name and enter it themselves to acknowledge delivery or leave the gift in a safe and secure place.  

We recommend opening the gift package outside, removing the outer layer of packaging directly into the bin, thoroughly hand washing, only then bringing the gift inside.  

We are taking our lead from the Ministry of Health and reviewing our procedures daily.

We are a small business and greatly appreciate your continued support through this unusual period.

Thank you and stay safe.

The Epicurean Architect team